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Ever since the first case was recorded, Nigerians, as usual, have started watching out for the mistakes of the Federal Government in the handling of the Disease. When the Italian … Read More

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Wow!  I thought I would never hear this statement in the mainstream media! It was a mixed grill for me when I heard this on TV stations. Virtually every government … Read More

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During this Coronavirus break, I wish to deliver a very important message to you guys.The Message is pretty simple and in fact not new…you’ve probably heard it before but mis-interpret … Read More

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Believe it or not, the greatest problem with Nigeria are Nigerians. Nigerians are not passionate about Nigeria. Very few Nigerians love Nigeria, the majority don’t, all they want is what … Read More

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  Well, it’s no longer news that the country’s budget implementation is at risk. This is because the budget was based on the sale of crude oil at $57 but … Read More

Lamido Sanusi II: What a Waste!
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The ousting of the former Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi II, is a big slap on the faces of Northerners as much as it is a very, very, big waste … Read More

Nigeria’s Greatest Problem are Nigerians!
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Nigeria is a very rich country but her citizens rank among the poorest in the world. Some countries even see us Nigerians as a threat to their security. Donald Trump’s … Read More

How to Raise a Million in 90 Days!
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I don’t know what you’ll be needing money for this December, but, I know you’ll  be needing a lot of money. Whatever the need might be, I’m glad to tell … Read More