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Nigeria would be 61 years old on the October 1st. How do you intend to mark this Glorious day, what are your plans for the day???

Well, as for me, I intend to drop 3 special Packages that day. You shall definitely find one that’s suitable for you. It’s my way of contributing to the progress of my beloved country, Nigeria. All the 3 packages are money making opportunities. So, if you can make use of some extra cash, please read this piece to the very end!


Since Nigeria’s age would be 61 years by October 1st, I intend to empower 61 persons with each package I’ll be dropping. What I’m saying in essence is that each package I’m dropping shall have 61 slots available for picks per package. That’s 183 slots altogether! Once the 61st beneficiary is recorded, the giveaway will be over and the real price tags shall be slammed on the packages afterwards.

So, if you are broke or you are looking for a means of extra income, please, read carefully and take action as soon as you finish reading this article ‘coz the slots might be exhausted if you procrastinate! Orders shall be taken right now and the delivery would be on the Eve of 1st October Insha Allah! 


This package is meant for those that have no cash at all but have data for browsing. It would take time and effort to earn but, at least, you’ll earn and there’s no question about being paid. You shall be paid, no question asked. They pay in dollars, just make sure you look for offers that are suitable and meant for Nigerians. Don’t you worry; they have offers for everyone in the world.

Like I said above, they are free to join websites and making money through them is guaranteed but, it requires a lot of hard work though, but, you’ll surely get paid in the end. Within days, you can earn as much as $20 - $30 from them if you dedicate like 2-3 hours working the offers on the site. Try converting $20 to Naira to have a feel of what you can make from these sites weekly!


PACKAGE #2: LOW RISK INVESTMENTS (₦1 000 - ₦30 000)

These are investment opportunities that requires monetary investments of between ₦1 000 - ₦30 000. Under this package, I have a couple of offers with each having a different price tag. They shall be revealed and steps involved explained fully.

However, for the first 61 action takers, there shall be 30% discounts, this, in the spirit of marking the 61st independence day of Nigeria. This means that for the first 61 persons that signs up for offers under this, they shall be paying between ₦700 - ₦21 000 to become beneficiaries of the offer. Let me elaborate a little more on the said offers.

OFFER # 1: THE NAIRA FARM (₦1 000 investment)

This is my pet project, a project that’s designed for every person that desires to acquire wealth in abundance with little commitments both financially and otherwise. After registration, every member is expected to dedicate at least an hour to working as a member of the organization in promoting the products and offers of the program. Success in the Naira Farm is all about TEAM WORK!

Every REAL Network Business has at least a product or service attached which would be the backbone of the system and through which money is made. FINANCIAL INTEL COURSE (F.I.C.) is the main product of this awesome program. This is a collection of e-books that teaches the Art of Wealth Creation and Personal Finance as adapted to the Nigerian situation. The F.I.C. originally costs ₦3 000, but, you can get it as a Naira Farmer at a fraction of its official cost. It costs only ₦1 000 to be a part of this awesome program and you shall have a FULL access to this e-book series. It has the potential of making you a millionaire within 90 days should things work out as expected.

If you are new to the world of Network Marketing, the Naira Farm shall be your first baby steps in Network Marketing.  The F.I.C. e-course shall be delivered weekly for 7 weeks. It teaches the Art of Wealth Creation and Personal Finance. For more info on this offer, please, follow this link now:


NB: If this is your pick, it’s okay. Don’t register directly for it on the given link. Please chat me up on Whatsapp or go ahead to fill the form below if you want to benefit from the special 30% discount!



With this offer, the start-up capital is a minimum of ₦20 000, however, if you don’t want to waste time waiting, it is best to put in ₦30 000. The more you put in, the quicker you break even. This offer has two parts to it. The Business model – Affiliate marketing involves the activities of people called affiliates who shall be promoting the products and services of others for a commission. These may include sales of the services or products. Interestingly, some don’t involve your effort in any form of buying and selling…this type of affiliate marketing is the type we call COST PER ACTION (CPA).

With the CPA marketing, there’s a way it can be done without paying a dime. But, it will take some time to make something worthwhile and I know my Naija guys, very few will be ready to put in the work needed. This is why I’m presenting this offer to you. If you are game, chat me up on Whatsapp (the Number is at the end of this post below) or you simply fill in the form below.


The funny thing about CPA is that some offers are as simple as getting people to submit their e-mail addresses for some offers and you get paid. Typically, you get paid from between $0.50 to $2.40 per email submission you are able to initiate; there are some of these offers that allows you to use any form of activity to get people to do the needful and pay you.

I know a website where you can get people to fulfill the offers for as little as $0.25 in incentives. Now, let’s assume that you have $20 to give out as incentive and you are able to find a CPA offer that would pay you $2 per e-mail submit, you’ll make at least 100% even if you offer as much as $1 per e-mail submit. Let alone the fact that it is possible to get people carry out the task for as low as $0.50, do the Maths!

 Yes, the pay maybe meager and a little bit slow, but it is one that shall yield profit GUARANTEED! If, however, you feel the pay is too small and that you can bear more risk if the pay is bigger and better, then, you’ll probably prefer the other forms of affiliate marketing models.




In this other model, you’ll need to wait till sales are made, but, the pay is substantially high just as the risk too is substantially higher. Like they say no pain, no gain!

The Good thing about this type of affiliate program, is that it is possible to earn residual income.

Residual income is the kind of income you earn when you get paid repeatedly for a task you did only once for life! So, if you are able to do a lot of such tasks, you can be rest assured that money shall not be your problem again but how to spend it! This is because you would have successfully created a multiple residual income streams!!!

Affiliate Marketing that involve sales can be very tasking and challenging, you might make $0 in 2-3 years if you don’t know how to do it right. Just like in the case of CPA marketing, you can make good money from it without spending a dime. The Problem is that it takes a lot of technical skills, experience, time and efforts to do that. But, as a typical Nigerian, I know you need money now and fast, that’s why I’m offering this FAST TRACK offer to you…if you can pay!

I shall be showing some affiliate programs that you can join that pays good commissions. Some shall have the residual income feature (the Naira Farm opportunity does). I shall also be sharing with you, very quick ways to start getting sales. I’m not promising, but don’t be surprised if you start making sales the same day you execute the powerful strategies you shall be taught in this program. A bonus strategy that can help you permanent the inflow of cash from this offer shall be taught to you so that in the future, you’ll be able to still earn without having to pay a dime again! As far as this affiliate marketing strategy ( as in where sales has to be made), please make ready as much as ₦20 000 if you want to start seeing results within days!

Please, choose wisely and chat me up so that I may add you to the appropriate class. It’s going to be a busy day and I might not have time to make any adjustments. So hurry up and book your place now!


PACKAGE # 3: OWNING A MONEY MAKING ASSET (₦50 000 and above)

This offer, obviously, is not an offer for the faint hearted, it’s any offer for the BIGGER BOYS…THE BIG SPENDER! But, like some would say, the bigger, the better! There’s no way you won’t make money with this…as a matter of fact, it’s the question of how big your income would be. Those that are able to drop ₦70 000 stand a better chance than those that invest ₦50 000 minimum. If you now are able to drop as much as ₦100 000, the income is far, far greater!

The offer # 2 in the second goodie bag involves the sales of other people’s products for a commission. Goodie Bag # 3 shall make you a product owner who shall now give people the opportunity to make money from selling your product for profits. Everything shall be set for you and the marketing shall also be done for you so that the only thing you’ll be doing is cashing out every month! For as long as affiliates keep on promoting the product, you shall continue to rake in the profits. The work involved is enormous, there’s no way I’m giving a 30% discount on this one. But in the Spirit of our Independence Day, I’m ready to give a 15% discount for only the first 61 persons.


These are my gifts for you. I believe, that there’s no way you won’t find one that suits you…if you are serious about making money online. These are stuffs that I ought to keep all to myself but it would be wrong, selfish and wicked of me to keep them to myself when the youths suffer so much. Especially, when you consider the fact there’s a lot of room to accommodate millions of people comfortably online.

I’ve got a lot in stock; these offers are just the tip of the iceberg. Why don’t you join my little community of Entrepreneurs at The Rich Kid’s Treasure Box? Find the register button on the menu bar of this page and register now. It's FREE!!!

Here, we can discuss business freely. The aim and objective of the community is to create wealth in abundance for all members by taking full advantage of the very many economic challenges we suffer as a nation. Go register by clicking here. Registration is FREE!

So, if you have made up your mind, please follow this link to fill in the form so that you won’t be missing in action. Go register your interest…

Click Here


I’ll see you at the Top!

Musa Abdurrahman

Whatsapp Number: 07037595859

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