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Truly, the Youths are the Leaders of Tomorrow!

In my opinion, from 18 to 40 years of age is the range of our youthful age. So, if you are within this range of ages, you are a youth and this piece is for you! There are a lot of misconceptions as to what you can do and what you cannot as youth. One of them is as to whether the youths are the leaders of today or tomorrow. According to Nelson Mandela, the youths are the Leaders of tomorrow not today. If that’s the Case, what, then, is the status of the youth today???

The Youths are truly the leaders of tomorrow if they learn well their lessons today!

As a youth, you are full of energy and are eager to try out very ambitious and most of the time new things. You have so much energy in you and you are always eager to expend it in pursuit of your heart desires. These, no doubt are the Natural traits of a youth. The dream of each person is different. There might, sometimes be similarities, but, I doubt if it is ever exactly the same. Whichever your dream might be, it is important to note that as a youth, you need a mentor to help you channel your energies in the right direction. This part is what most of the Youths don’t want hear and accept.

Funny But True

Most youths think they know it all and therefore, don’t need the Wisdom of the older members of the Community. However, time always proof them wrong and reward immensely, the very few that consults with the older folks. When we talk of the youths being the leaders of tomorrow what that actually means that as a youth, it is time to learn from the older members of the community how things are done practically so that when you come of age ( i.e. when you clock 40 years of age), the number of blunders and mistake you commit shall be highly reduced. As such, there shall be a whole lot of room for you as the new set of leaders to advance the Course of the society, community or country you belong to a new high. In other words, the Youths are more like Industrial Training students (I.T. students) that are learning on the job!

Another thing that’s worth noting is the fact that when we talk of leaders, we are not talking only of political leaders, we are also talking of leaders of Industries, Trade and Commerce. We are talking of movers and shakers in every human endeavor.

We need more Young Entrepreneurs than we do of politicians!

It’s common to see people making examples of such people as General Gowon who ruled this great country as a youth, General Buhari and Olusegun Obasanjo. Yes, that’s true, they were young and Naive, that’s why they made the many BIG mistakes they made back then. Had it being they were a little older back then, Nigeria would have fared far much better than it is now. The British are no fools, they knew exactly what they left the reigns of power in the hands of Youths instead of MATURED MEN with deeper levels of reasoning. This was not peculiar to the Nigerian situation, youths were also left in the seat of power in most African and Asian countries that gained independence from England. Please, don’t see it like I’m campaigning for an old man or something. We do have very young minds that are doing well politically too…a typical example is the President of France. My reasons for taking up this topic is quite different from being political. My reason is based on seeking alternative ways of developing the Country’s economy.

Fortunately, the economic hardship we have today is NOT political but economical. Therefore, I don’t have to be a politician to help solve the economic problems! All I need is economic empowerment which is the main subject matter of this website! At this juncture, I’ll like to invite you to please join the Revolution movement by creating your free account on this website right now! It’s almost our time to shine, in the meantime, we should concentrate in empowering ourselves with the pre-requisite knowledge and practical skills to take charge when our turn finally comes.

4 girls used their knowledge of Chemistry to create a generator that run on URINE!

Our Destiny is Truly in our Hands!

All the insecurity challenges that we face today are the Handiwork of youths not the old men. Yes, the Old men might be the one that bank roll them for their selfish interests. But, just imagine what would be the case should the youths refuse to carry out the Plans for them. We need to wake up to our responsibilities as youths which is to learn both practical and theoretical skills required to advance the course of our dear country, Nigeria. This is a must unless we want to inherit from the current crop of leaders a Mess of a country!

They surely don’t look like old men to me but are sponsored by old men!

We need to take time to study our history as a country and ensure we build on the successes of the past by learning all the vital lessons from the mistakes of the past. As youths, we should be problem solvers not problem creators. What if I told you that all the bad news, especially those of insecurity and economic imbalance are as a result of our laxity as youths? We are definitely not going anywhere with our over dependency on the government for virtually everything. We run a MIXED economy for crying out loud, why do we act like we run a Communist Government???

As you can see from the picture above, a mixed economy comprises far much more of private sector input than that of the Government (Public)!

It is a communist government that provides everything for their citizens. We are Nigerians and shall be the Ones to invest and run our economy. There are very beautiful and innovative ways by which we can take charge of the Economy if we truly want to. Funding and technical know how are not the Problems. The Only problem I see here is our lack of resolve to make Nigeria work. So, I’m inviting you again to join forces with us and let us make a fortune from making Nigeria Great! All you have to do right now is to click here now to join the REVOLUTION!