I thought I would never hear this statement in the mainstream media! It was a mixed grill for me when I heard this on TV stations. Virtually every government establishment worldwide are asking their workers to work from home. You won’t believe it, even here in Nigeria with our epileptic power and internet supply, our governments are asking civil servants to work from home!

Working From Home is No Scam Afterall

Thanks to the Coronavirus, people like me been vindicated. People can now see that it is NOT all that work on the internet are Yahoo Boys!

This ‘Work From Home’ has been there for a very, very long time, but, unfortunately, it has been looked down upon by the majority as scam. Some would even say that you are a ‘Yahoo Boy’ when you tell them that you make money from the Internet.

Just recently, I was trying to promote some money making website on a whatsapp group and someone just screamed ‘SCAM’ and started calling me unprintable names. I was hurt and somewhat angry. It took the intervention of another group member who knew me well to make the accuser to apologize. My take from this is that the Majority of the youths are still very ignorant of the money making potentials on the internet.

With The Coronavirus, are You Giving Online Business a Try???

What is your answer, are you giving online businesses a try especially now that you are going no where for the next 30 days? Well, whichever your answer might be, it will interest you to note that here at the Rich Kid’s Treasure Box, we are harnessing the power of the internet and social media BIG TIME to create enormous wealth and we are ready to let you in to how it is done. So that you too can start earning a living from home!

The criteria remains the possession of a device that can assess the internet like your smart phone and probably your laptop or desktop. One more thing…it is in fact, the most important criteria to doing well with working from home…approach the lessons with an open mind!

Get Registered For More Info!

I’m NO LONGER going to be as care free about sharing this offers on social media as I have been in the past. I had to make this decision following the embarrassment I suffered in the hands of the above mentioned Whatsapp user. She’snot the first to do that to me. It’s just that hers seem to have triggered the decision. So, what I shall be doing mostly now is to invite people to this platform or any of my social media handles and then talk them into it.

A group shall be created here on this site and the details shall be posted there so that if you are really, really keen on making money during this Coronavirus holiday, you will register on this site to know how to make about N40 000 or more (without spending a dime of your to get started) during the 30 – Coronavirus holiday from the internet by ‘Working From Home’! To register to this site remains FREE of charge. Just click on the ‘Registration’ on the menu bar to get started!


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