Believe it or not, the greatest problem with Nigeria are Nigerians. Nigerians are not passionate about Nigeria. Very few Nigerians love Nigeria, the majority don’t, all they want is what they can get from Nigeria. Is that not selfish???

An average Nigeria leaves virtually EVERYTHING pertaining to development on the doorsteps of the government. They think the government should do virtually everything for them. In fact, some had gone as far as expecting the government to feed him and his family for free!

I honestly don’t know where that is coming from but as crazy as it sounds, more than 80% of we Nigerians fall into this category! This keep me wondering if we know that life is all about give and take and that if government is giving everything, what would be left for as citizens to do in return?

Nigerians expect the government to provide free and compulsory education for all children from primary to the Junior Secondary level (J.S.S.), the government should feed them, provide all the materials needed in school. As soon as the child graduates from the University, the government is expected to find a job for the kid!

The government is also expected to build and run hospitals like a charity organization. In some quarters, the government is providing free health care for small children and the aged for free and delivery of pregnant women too also go for free! that’s not all, we also want the same government to pack our refuse for us, provide water, food, house, power and …. the list is virtually in exhaustible! The funny thing is that when we make these demands, we tend to expect 100% all the time. Yet, we find it difficult to pay taxes simply because there’s oil.

When all these much burden is put on the government, what exactly shall we be doing to deserve them? No one cares to know, all we know is that government must do all our bidding no question asked.

John F. Kennedy, a former president of the United States once said:

“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”

With these few words, I want to believe that we would understand my message. Nigeria runs a mixed economic system not a communist or socialist economy. In a mixed economy, both the public and private sectors are stakeholders. Ordinarily, most of the establishments are expected to be owned by the Private sector while the government strategically own certain service delivery companies that produce such very important products and services like power, water, health services, education and Petroleum products. Even in these sectors, the private sector is expected to be a major stakeholder. I know that you probably be thinking of the hindrances to the establishment and effective running of businesses without government help in terms of policies. Well, this is a  question of PATRIOTISM. Insha Allah, I shall be dwelling on that in the next write up…it’s bye for now!

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