Well, it’s no longer news that the country’s budget implementation is at risk. This is because the budget was based on the sale of crude oil at $57 but as it stands today, it sells for a petty $33. What this means is that we are loosing money as the day goes by… we are losing at least $24 on every barrel we sell. When you multiply this with the billions or at least the hundreds of million barrels we produce per day, you’ll realize how badly the economy is hit by the Corona virus. One thing though, the virus is yet to gain access to the country. That’s a very happy thing! May it never gain access, Ameen. Having said that, I think it’s important that we discuss the way forward.

Diversification is the Answer!

Despite the lip service of the current administration to diversification, it’s sad to note that the country is still depending heavily on crude oil sales for revenues. We are yet to secure an alternative source of income as we speak. This is sad…very sad indeed. The question that’s begging for an answer remains ‘what is the way forward?’ and the answer too, still remains ‘Diversification’!

If the government is not diversifying, or, at least not showing any reasonable sign of towing that line, we the citizenry need to take charge and diversify! The first step we need to take is to diversify our sources of income… as in our personal income sources.

We keep on suggesting to the government to go into Agriculture to create wealth and job opportunities. Why don’t we do it if they are not willing to do so? Some would say there’s no capital to do so. But, in my opinion, it’s not lack of capital but lack of will power on our side. If we are willing enough, the capital would be made available! There are so many SURE ways to raise capital for any business idea.

If We Diversify, the Country Diversifies

I don’t know, I’m not an economist but I disagree a great deal that government unstable government policies are one of the main hindrance to Agricultural development in Nigeria. This is so, so untrue if you ask me. 

We are the government, we, the people. If we, or the majority of us agree to go into Agriculture to create wealth, the government would have no choice but to put in the right policies. This is why a platform like this site is important.  You cannot diversify alone and expect something significant to happen. We have to come together and talk in one voice.

When We Sneeze, the Government Catches Cold!

I know that most of you guys would disagree without thinking about it, but, it’s true! There’s no way that 70% of the youths of this country can be ignored. You may ignore like 10-15% but, certainly, not 70%. So, the question is how feasible is it to get more than 70% of the youths to think in the same way?

Fortunately, it is very, very possible. Thanks to the social media! It is possible to get connected to millions of people in matter of seconds. When this happens regularly over time, more people would show interest and we can go ahead to discuss the BIG issue in bits until we are able to come to terms and agree on same points. Then, with this points, we propose to our government and continue to pester them until they yield. Knowing our politicians, they would do anything to get to power and with time, these things they do would be our own bidding!

But, first things first, we must come together to discuss the way forward. This is how we can force the hands of the government to diversify. It all begins from networking and proffering solutions together! We can do that by meeting on a site like this… this is why I urge you to signup on this site right now to be part of the greater future!

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