Well,  I’m not an economist so, relax, you won’t be treated to the economic jargons you so much hate! I’m a lay man like you who is trying as much as possible to mind his business.

We all know how devastating the lockdown has been to us especially those of us who work in the so called ‘Private Sector’ (as I think of the current crop of private companies as slave houses!). Except for a few multi-national companies, virtually all the local private companies treat their employees like slaves! This is why they don’t have palliatives for their workers during this lockdown. They are less concerned if you survive the pandemic or not, as far as they are concerned, there are thousands of people out there that would gladly take up your position if you don’t show up! This is why you and I must find a way out of this peculiar mess we find ourselves. We all need a side hustle!

If you are employed in the private sector and you don’t have a side hustle, believe me, you are living dangerously. You can be fired anytime! Especially when you consider the uncertainty that surrounds how the post COVID-19 economy will look like.

Everyone is on zoom now, most meetings these days are held on zoom. This is bad news for hotels, event centres that have conference rooms for rent. If the companies and organizations that rent them decide to continue to hold their meetings and conferences online after the lockdown, it’s going to affect the income of the hotels and event centres. You already know how these places of work would respond, they’ll quickly start thinking of downsizing their work forces, in other words, people may loose their jobs!

This is just an example out of very many changes that have come with the lockdown period. While some of the private companies have given something to their staff to cushion the effect of the pandemic, most haven’t. Even those that have given something out, there’s a limit to what they can do in these very trying times without production and sales (in fairness to them too). This is why I really, really think you need to start considering alternative sources of income.

You must start to accept the fact that life will never be the same again. You must understand that some companies might resume full operation without downsizing (they are few…very few), most will definitely downsize if not because of low income, it will be due to some new technology they have acquired during the lockdown that can do the jobs of some workers well enough! Some companies will not even survive the pandemic at all! The question is are you ready???

If you are ready and doing something about it, good for you. But if you are not but ready to do something about it, please, do watch out for my next post for possible solutions!

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