Nigeria is a very rich country but her citizens rank among the poorest in the world. Some countries even see us Nigerians as a threat to their security. Donald Trump’s US administration made a similar comment about us when he extended his travel ban against us Nigerians.

It took the timely intervention of a man whose program is aired on the CNN to debunk the rather rude and careless comment made by the US president. Nigerians are more educated than Americans and the British. The contribution of Nigerians to the skilled labour force of America, according to Farid Zakaria, is the greatest of all non Americans working in the US.

Farid Zakaria is NOT a Nigerian, he’s probably a journalist who is passionate about journalism and the spread of the truth. The question now is that we haven’t heard of any other person making a documentary in defense of Nigeria…not even Nigerians themselves that live in abroad. Not even the almighty Sahara reporters!

If you’ve been wondering why nothing seem to work in Nigeria, this is simply because Nigerians don’t really care about Nigeria. Nigerians are only concerned with what they can get from Nigeria, they hardly do anything for Nigeria in return. This is the gospel truth about Nigeria and Nigerians. This unfortunate habit of Nigerians can be felt at every turn in our day to day activities as Nigerians. Take the border closure for instance!

The border was closed so as to force us, the citizens to eat, drink and use Nigerian products, but, what do we have? So many Nigerians are crying and demanding that the borders be opened as soon as possible. Even as we speak, some Nigerians are still working extremely hard to smuggle in foreign rice! Even the senators and house of reps are not left out in the ‘I don’t care attitude’ of Nigerians. There was a proposal to procure cars from Innoson motors (i.e. cars that are made in Nigeria by Nigerians) for their official use, they rejected the proposal and ordered for foreign brands instead.

Now, Innoson is a Nigerian car brand, when we patronize the car brand, the owner makes profit and as the profit increases, he’ll be thinking of expanding his business and thereby employing more hands to handle things for him. Guess who he’ll be hiring??? Nigerians of course! So, this is where miss it. Every time we say no to Nigerian products, we are indirectly saying no to more jobs and business opportunities that could have been ours. Every time we buy foreign products, we encourage them to make more and at the same time, we discourage our local producers. When there’s no or low sales, the owner of the company will have no choice but to lay off workers that are almost 100% Nigerians!

I know you might be like, Nigerian products are usually substandard and that you can’t afford to buy substandard products while you can afford the standard foreign ones. I hope to take care of that in my next blog post! Don’t miss it, see you then!!!

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