During this Coronavirus break, I wish to deliver a very important message to you guys.The Message is pretty simple and in fact not new…you’ve probably heard it before but mis-interpret it.

Your destiny is in Your Hands!

A lot of brilliant minds have left this country for the so called greener pastures, but, there are very few places in the world with greener pastures as you can find in Nigeria…if you ask me, that is! People have been blaming our economic woes on the government. I beg to disagree!

There are a lot we can do to better our lots, but, for reasons best known to us, we prefer to sit idle doing nothing. We can’t continue to sit out like this, we gotta do something, if we don’t help ourselves, who will? Our destinies are in our hands let’s make them favour us!

Most of the Blames Lie on Us!

There are several stories out there about some whiz kid creating or inventing something very good and useful but the government have refused to help. Yes, that’s true…but, what if some rich Nigerian decides to help, what if some NGO out there decides to sponsor the guy and raise the much needed funds for the proper development of the new stuff they’ve created? This is why, I think of the dethronement of the former Emir of Kano a big catastrophe and loss to the North and Nigeria in general.

If he had kept quite and had worked underground to resolve  in practical terms the poverty problem of the North and Nigeria as a whole could have been a gonner by now as governments would literally bow and probably ask him to help them build their own economy too. As the Emir, he had everything he needed to show in practical terms that what he had been preaching works. But, he blew the opportunity instead!

Nigeria’s Economic Problem Requires a Unique Solution!

I can say with a very high degree of certainty that the Nigerian economic problem CANNOT be solved using a text book approach. We’ll have to think out of the box and go absolutely ‘unorthodox’ to get things done. The system is very corrupt and those benefiting from the corruption would certainly not be happy to see their source of income die, would they? Hell no and I can’t blame them for that!!!

This issue is not something one can exhaust with a single post. There shall be loads of posts made in this regard. But most of the said posts shall be made in-house…as in you’ll have to signup to this site to get the full gist. Happily, registration is FREE!

This is a clarion call to all patriotic youths and I bet you are one. So, why don’t you signup now???¬†


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