I just watched a program on TV where some interesting clips were played. The first two were unfortunate while the remainder of the clips were encouraging and inspiring indeed. 

The first two were clips of mobs attacking food trucks and stealing big time from them while the others were of some guys, some are political office holders while others were rich individuals doing their own part in fighting COVID-19. In my own way, I’ve decided to play my own part too in giving this offer to the public. Ordinarily, I should be sharing it exclusively with my paid audience, but, hey! We are in this together!

Introducing the Chipper Cash App!

With the Coronavirus holiday and ‘Work From Home’ order of Federal and State governments to their workers, I knew there would be a lot of cash crunch issues. So, I decided to embark on finding some suitable ‘Work from Home’ jobs for as many that have access to the internet. With that, I believe the upcoming tension would be prevented. Just as I was coming out of the research, a friend introduced this wonderful app to me – the Chipper cash app.

Yes, I found some cool online money making opportunities but none was as appealing as this one! I mean the App is so, so useful…this is not to forget the fact that you can actually make money with the App.

How To Make Money With The App

Before I delve into that, I think I should tell you more about the app. It is a new app that can be used to conduct transaction free of charge…as in you can send money from place to place without paying any transfer fees. You can also get to pay for your cable TV and buy recharge cards with the app!

The recharge card purchase comes with 2% discount to you. What that means is that the MTN N100 recharge card ( that sells in my area for N110) can be bought at the discount price of N98!

The money making aspect of the app is probably due to the fact that the App is still very new and are seriously looking for new users. Hence, the commencement of some sort of promo which is the issuance of N250 to both the referrer and the newly referred user. So, if you invite like 20 friends to download the app and use the app for the first time, you’ll get paid a total sum of N5 000 which you can quickly and easily withdraw into your account!

Now, here’s the catch! I have been able to device a means to make it come to you at no cost at all. If you join the community through my referral link that is!!!

You should click here to get the app on the Google Play or any other applicable app store to you. Click here now!

You’ll be asked to verify your account by taking a selfie picture and your BVN number. Please, do contact me via my whatsapp number when you’re done at 07037595859 for further lines of action!

I shall, insha Allah show you how to get referrals easily so that your income may increase rapidly from sharing the app. Think about it, you can be making a thousand Naira daily if you refer just 4 person/day!     

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