Ever since the first case was recorded, Nigerians, as usual, have started watching out for the mistakes of the Federal Government in the handling of the Disease. When the Italian was quarantined and was receiving treatment, most Nigerians don’t know much about the virus or the disease. As knowledge about the virus grew, Nigerians gradually began to call for border closure which all tiers of governments refused to act upon quickly.

When the News about the son of former vice President Alhaji Atiku Abubakar filtered in coupled with his reckless move around without prior self isolation, Nigerians had started insinuating that there was a deliberate act of delay in closing our borders so as to allow the kids and relatives of the VIP’s to enter the country with ease. Later, as the virus began to spread and the number of recorded victims increases, there was need for a lock down. Lagos led the park and gradually, some other states followed up. Now, we are all shouting and clamoring for palliatives which makes a lot of sense! This is perhaps the singular reason why people were demanding the President addresses the country.

When this was not forthcoming, people started carrying the rumor about the pronunciation problem of the President. When he eventually addressed them, the only thing that some guys picked from his speech was the mistake he made in pronouncing the name of the virus (COVIK-1-9 in stead of  COVID-19)! This was the first time he had to address the country at all as concerning the virus. 

Then came the the positive testing to the virus of Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to the President. As usual, another rumor came in. It was rumored that the President too, probably have tested positive. This was fortified with the allegation of some secret journey by the President and Abba Kyari to Cuba for medical treatment and how they were disgracefully turned down. So, the clamour for the President to address the country about palliatives put in place during the lock down of the country increased. When he finally did, as usual, we were more concerned about the mistakes than the message passed. While some noticed that he was asking for a lock down of states which he has no power to do, the only thing others noticed from the over 20 minutes speech is that he now know how to pronounce the name of the virus correctly. Abegi, na where we dey go with all these nonsense, are we truly concerned about the development and progress of this country???

We are In This Together!

Like some guys have noticed, we are in this together now. Everyone returned home, Israelites had started leaving Nigeria, Americans shall soon start to leave too, Nigerians too, are coming home in droves! If the government is getting things wrong, we owe Nigeria the duty to put them (the government) aright! Thank God for the Social Media, all we had to do is to find them online and speak directly to them we don’t have to go out on the street to protest, we simply let them know what we want by writing them directly online!

We Need to Be Pro-active at All Times!

Instead of waiting for them to make the mistake of leaving the borders unclosed so that more people came in with the Virus, we could have suggested to them very early and make it clear that the borders should be closed…remember what we did with our Senators and Reps during the struggle against the ‘Social Media Bill”, don’t you, we could have done that again to get the borders shut.

We must show concern and do our part as followers that wishes Nigeria well. We must  always be at alert and race the alarm very quickly and constructively too. This is the way of PATRIOTS! Patriots are proactive at all times!

COVID-19 Cannot be Defeated Without Us

One of the greatest problems that’s hindering progress in Nigeria is the antagonistic attitude we have against the ruling class. Agreed, they too are not nice per-se but in a case like this, we need to show a high sense of solidarity with them because we are all in this together!

Just like Atiku’s son who refused to stay back abroad during these trying times and came home without self isolating as expected, a lot of Nigerians are still moving about as if nothing had happened. Just this weekend a close relative of mine came in from Abuja and was like wanting to give a handshake without washing his hands after the journey. When asked, he said that the virus is nothing that serious. He even told of how the driver gave a bribe and threatened to plight another route if the security officers refused him passage.

I wouldn’t blame the driver though. I mean, what do you expect of a commercial vehicle driver when VIP’s like Soyinka would come out in public to condemn the government  instead of finding a constructive way to deliver his message?!

Nigeria cannot work or progress like this. We are not at war with each other, we must learn to compliment each other if truly we are sincerely concerned about Nigeria. So, why don’t you follow the simple rules of not travelling or moving around, the regular washing of your hands and covering up while sneezing or coughing?! We MUST cooperate with the government to defeat COVID-19!

Local Governments Must be Reactivated

We’ve heard from the Federal Government,FG, we’ve heard from some State Governments, SG, but we haven’t heard from any Local Government, LG, why is that, or are they no longer in place??? Gaskia, efficiency will be pretty low without the guys in the LG’s. The LG’s are the closest to the people and as a matter of fact, they are the closest to the people and should anything be distributed by the FG and SG, they are best distributed through the LG’s. This is how Nigerian Democracy should work! I would be writing more about the importance of these dudes soon, insha Allah. But our take for now is that they should be part of the war against COVID-19. They too should be able to put something up, no matter how little to augment the contributions of the FG, SG and philanthropist like Dangote and Alakija Foundation. Without them, the reach won’t be far at all.

If We Put Heads Together, We Would Find a Cure!

Just because the Western world or the Chinese are yet to come up with the cure to COVID-19 does not mean that we can’t get the cure to the disease. One fact that has proved itself for so long is that Nigerians are very smart people. There are so many attestations to this fact. So, if we would just manage to go beyond the petty dirty politics we play in Nigeria and join hands together, we can work out a cure!

We have what it takes to find a cure, but, that cannot happen if we continue to find faults in one another! We truly need to outgrow the nonsense, this is not the premier league where a Liverpool fan will always find fault in whatever Chelsea does on or off the pitch. This is Nigeria, COVID -19 is attacking and we are all in this together!





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