Fuel Subsidy Removal and You

The Fuel subsidy removal is a reality we must get used to, but, the unfortunate thing is that instead of adapting to this new reality, Nigerians are merely reacting to it. Here, we shall discuss what we must do to protect ourselves against the Evil effect of the Subsidy Removal

Seek Out Alternatives

There are very many alternatives to Petroleum products and it’s increasing by the day. Although, most of them require a little bit of technological refinement, we still have some that can be put to use almost immediately. Some of which are as below:

  • The Use of the Our Legs: Medically speaking, an average Human being is expected to take at least 10 000 paces/day …that is roughly 8 km everyday! You can get that done now especially when it saves you money in addition to the health benefits that comes with it. That’s what I call blessing in disguise! The Funny thing is that most Nigerians are actually not that far from their place of work and some would actually be saving 100% of their transport fares by adopting this alternative. It’s up to you to swallow your pride and get on your feet to save scarce resources called money.
  • The Conversion of Petrol Run Vehicles to Gas Run Vehicles: Due to our over-dependency on the Government for virtually everything, most Nigerians are leaving this awesomely juicy business opportunity to the Government! Ya Salaam!!! I just wonder when we shall realize that Nigeria is not running a Socialist or Communist type of economy but a mixed economy where individuals or groups of individuals are allowed to identify and take full advantage of all business opportunities they can find! Personally, I was hoping to see like a couple of companies springing up to take up the challenge of converting fuel run cars to gas run. But, unfortunately and as usual, that’s not hapeening
  • The Adoption of Bicycles: Bicycles are superb alternatives that can almost replace cars in the area of our daily commuting in the cities, towns and villages too. This is especially an interesting alternative not just because of the fact that it benefits us health wise but, also, for the fact that it is a more comfortable means of covering our daily mobility and the fact that we can cover even much more than that with ease. Most bikes now come with gears that reduces the amount of energy to be expended in cycling as the gears makes it a lot easier to to go up hill than it was with the older version of this awesome means of transportation.

Form Alliances & Buy in Bulk!

Considering the Hike in the Prices of all forms of commodities and services, it’s only natural for those that seek comfort to liaise with either their kith and kin or friends to buy their daily needs in bulk! Yea, you read that right. Buying in pieces is going kill you faster than the subsidy removal itself. The Fuel subsidy removal, as I have mentioned earlier is some sort of blessing in disguise! The unfortunate thing is that the disguise is so thick that most might just miss it altogether again and end up learning Nothing from the catastrophe except the pain and suffering that comes with the fuel subsidy.

I want you to be different. In case you haven’t noticed, those that buy and sell in group are well shielded from the evil effects of the Removal of the subsidy. Why? Because they buy in bulk from Wholesalers. They buy from the same wholesaler that sells in bulk to the Retail shop owner from whom you buy from. So, if, for instance, you are getting a paint bucket of rice for N5 000, they may be getting it for just N3 500! so, find a group or you iniate and form an economic group with whom you shall be buying stuffs with.

Add Up At Least One More Income Stream

Try make it a Residual source of income ( the kind of income you generate without actively working at it). It could be an outright investment program or a person’s business that’s trustworthy. This is the BIGGEST difference between the Rich and the Poor. The Rich ALWAYS sort out means of making money without working at it. Sometimes, they win while other times they lose. It’s the Loss aspect that the Poor so much hate and doesn’t have enough room tolerate that makes them poor despite the hard labour they invest into their job.

If you haven’t been thinking about it, it’s time to start giving it serious thoughts. Like Warren Buffet, an American Multi-Billionaire is reported to have said: “If you do not find a way to start making money while you are asleep, you’ll work till you die!” If you agree with me and are keen on getting started with it, get in touch via whatsapp by clicking here right now!

One of the Key advantage of having extra sources of income is that you’ll be able to shed some of the financial burden upon others just as they do to you. When the cost of fuel went up, commercial drivers increased their transport fees so as to meet up with the new fuel prices. In turn, all those that patronize commercial drivers had to the prices of their goods and services too so as to be able to afford the transport fares. Thhis leaves the ordinary citizens, workers without extra income sources and the unemployed to bear the brunt! Instead of complaining and wailing like a helpless toothless bull dog, I think you should sit up and secure for yourself extra sources of income.

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Nigeria is our country and NO ONE can help develop it except ourselves. Treating Nigeria like a piece of garbage is like treating ourselves like a piece of rubbish…waste! No problem is solved by Protesting, complaining, wailing and spewing rubbish under the disguise of being angry. It’s high time we stopped being childish about the Nigerian Project, we MUST be ready to be a PATRIOT and face our duties as citizens squarely instead of running away from it. Believe it or not…


This is why I STRONGLY urge you to find that money and join our Community of Naira Farmers! The Fuel subsidy has presented a lot of Business Opportunities for the wary to harness! While the Majority are complaining and wailing, you and I can be smiling to the bank handsomely!

Nigeria is truly flowing with ‘Milk and Honey’ the problem though, is that they’re NOT meant for those that too smart to take risks or too proud to be taught how things works! It’s all up to you! As it stands today, whoever joins the Naira Farm today can be assured starting to get paid right from the Day his membership is confirmed!You won’t know until you join in! Click here to join us Now in the Naira Farm!

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