Economic Shield & My Business

Learn the Rules of the Game and money shall become your friend forever!

If you are in Nigeria and are feeling the Economic heat that is quite prevailing in the Nigerian business atmosphere, I’ll strongly urge you to read this piece to the end. However, if you are not that affected, you can as well quit reading right now!

The prevailing economic harshness that we are experiencing today in Nigeria is a normal thing. By that I mean that it is expected in any given economy that is full of IGNORANT players. Try asking an average Nigerian the reason behind the Economic down turn we are going through and I can almost assure you that he’ll say that it is the fault of the federal government (FG)!

Please, know today that whatever the economic situation you might have found yourself today is NO ONE’S fault but yours. You are the one that refused to mind your business. Instead of minding your business, you surely, were busy apportioning blames to others. Have you noticed that the rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer irrespective of whether the person in the Aso Rock is a Muslim or Christian, young or old and irrespective of his ethnic origin??? Hence, it doesn’t matter who you vote to power, if you do not mind your business, you’ll either fall by a few steps backwards or you remain at the same level financially.

Whoever wants to improve his financial status must be ready to learn from the rich, how they got rich and must be ready and focused enough to ACT according to whatever he learns from studying the way of the Rich. There are tons of things to learn from the way of the Rich and it takes time to learn and digest the very simple TRUTHS behind the success stories of the Rich. This is why you should consider seriously subscribing to the FINANCIAL INTEL COURSE (FIC).

I want you to realize that the ECONOMIC SITUATION WE FIND OURSELVES IS AN Economic problem and not a Political one, hence, it requires an Economic solution. Unless you learn the truths about the kind of Economic system we run in Nigeria, you shall continue to suffer HEAVY LOSSES when the masters at the Game decides to tune up the HEAT s they currently have. You need an ECONOMIC SHIELD right now, every Nigerian does. ORDER the FIC to learn ho to build formidable economic shield for yourself, family and friends today

Nigeria has Quite a lot to offer, but, the Only people that can assess them are those that Know the Rules!

Nigeria runs MIXED ECONOMIC system which is the best of the types of economic systems e have in the world today. The system takes the good sides of both the Communist or Socialist Economy (of the Chinese) and the Capitalist Economy (of the US) and provides beautiful mix that is superb Hybrid of both. While the Socialist economy believes that the government should provide EVERYTHING for the people so that in the end, everyone is on the same page financially, the Capitalist economy suggests that everyone should work hard to earn himself decent lifestyle and if he works hard enough, he should create wealth empire for himself and enjoy life to the fullest ON HIS OWN TERMS.

However, the Government, in a mixed economy engages in certain vital businesses such as the provision of health services, delivery of education to every citizen as well as the supply and maintenance of basic economic important infrastructures such as a good transport system and electric power supply. If they had left the running of these life sustaining businesses in the hands of the private sector as is done in the WEST, we would have probably fallen into yet another horrific civil war by now. There are so many economic opportunities in Nigeria , however, most Nigerians are not trained enough to see and take advantage of them. Nigerians pass by these economic opportunities everyday, but pass it off as nonsense. You my not grab what I’m saying fully until you order and take the FIC e-course. Make your order now

When You hustle hard with a WELL INFORMED plan in mind, it’s only a matter of time you struck gold!

One of the very many things that the rich do with their money is to build and increase their asset column as often as they could. They don’t spend all their earnings on their daily needs, they always leave something for the asset column. This is perhaps their greatest weapon against poverty. It’s what set them apart from the poor. When you order this e-course as an early bird, you stand good chance to make money from the efforts and purchases of those that buy this same e-course after you have bought yours. This is what makes this e-course stand out. You get to make money from owning copy without having to do anything other than buying the e-course. So, why don’t you place an order now and get ahead of the many thousands and millions of those that shall eventually buy the e-course.

The Author of the e-course is spending money on marketing this e-course. This means that you are not the only one that would see this offer, hundreds to thousands of others would see it as you do right now. Now, let’s assume that just a thousand ordered after you did and you are going to earn N100/month on each of them, that would be a FREE N100k for you every month! So, this e-course is not just going to reveal the secret of the Games and how you can always win the financial war in Nigeria, it is also going to serve as an economic shield that ensures that you are well covered financially come what may! So, why don’t you join the winning team now and place an order right now?!

With the Right investments in place, life after retirement can be very blissful especially when you retire YOUNG!

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