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The consistent call for foreign investments is reaching very alarming states. There’s need for we, Nigerian youths, to meet and discuss the way forward. It is my belief that just as little drops of water make a mighty ocean, we can put enough resources together to develop our economy to enviable heights if we belief. Nigeria’s all we got, if we don’t develop it, who will???

Let us put hands together to develop and own our economy despite all odds. Let’s do our part! Yea, I know that the enabling environment is not there for entrepreneurs to grow and flourish. But, guess what? The provision of the enabling environment, too, is actually a business opportunity for seasoned entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is all about getting paid to solve a problem, remember?! There are 3 main things that make up an enabling environment for entrepreneurs (Nigeria as a case study). They are CAPITAL, POWER & TRANSPORTATION.

A lot of guys out there complain of lack of capital as their major hindrance in expressing their entrepreneurship skills and I say to them that they’re wasting away their God given talents on NO ISSUE of an excuse! Entrepreneurship demands a high level of intelligence and creativity. So much so that NO REASON AT ALL IS GOOD ENOUGH AS AN EXCUSE! Entrepreneurs are problem solving in nature. If there’s a problem you can not solve, business wise, then, I’ll suggest you go find yourself a job and work under another entrepreneur until your retirement age. If you are incapable of solving a problem, you should, at least, be able to work under someone who can!

Power is the rate at which work is done with time – this according to Physics. However, an entrepreneur or any business mind out there refers to Electric Power, majorly when we talk of power. This is not to disregard other sources of power such as MANPOWER which is equally very important. To cut the long story short, a seasoned entrepreneur would consider generating low cost Electrical Power by himself. Depending on the nature of business, the Power need could be met from as little as from a single Solar Panel installation or as much as could be generated from a steam turbine engine or a mini hydro electrical plant.

Everybody knows that transportation is of high essence in business. It is so important that it affects the prices of goods and services. While it is very possible to earn just N10 000 in a remote village and live comfortably, N10 000 is not enough money for transport fare in the Urban centres. Ask Corps Members (National Youth Service Corps members, NYSC Corpers), they’ll tell you more!

I do agree that we do have a long way to go, but, you’ll also agree with me when I say that the earlier we begin the journey, the better for us all! Let me warn you, however, that it’s only the Patriots that are highly intelligent and creative are qualified to embark on this journey.“Ask not what your country can do for you but what YOU can do for your country! ” – John F. Kennedy (former US President)

So, if you think you are one, please click here to get registered on this website right now. Join the cause and let us build this country together and at the same time make ourselves BILLIONS in the Process!

Enough of the politicking, it’s time to sit down, get to some serious work and take charge fully! Let’s start with our economy. Enough of the job hunt, it’s time to raise funds, create, run profitable businesses that would create top quality, high paying jobs for others! Welcome and do have a fun filled time here!!!